Hi, Kalli. First of all, I am a big fan. I just finished reading your book and in one word it is Inspiring. I am 15 yrs old, going to turn 16 on the 13th of july. I want to keep a big party, since its my sweet sixteen and all. And I want to fit into a good dress. I am overweight by atleast 10 kilos. but, I have a lot of muscle mass so, I don't really know what part of me is fat and what is not. I would really like an advice from you as to which diet I could follow to quickly, yet effectively shed as many kilos as possible before D-day. Thank you. Sincerely yours

I am sorry this is coming too late and u don’t have enough time now before sweet 16. My advice to you wld be that at this age you just need to cut out the bad food-junk, sweets, coke and burn more calories with exercise.
NO dieting
Two weeks to go
I suggest exercise twice a day.
Run if you can
The best you will shed
Do it early in the morning and late at nite
Remember to hydrate lots.
Have a great b day

I am Renu (Name Changed).I read your book and I have also used it for loosing weight.and it is very effective.but after loosing 3kgs i.e;from 60 to 57it has got how can i loose more weight.and also I have a very busy schedule due to which it becomes difficult to exersice more,please give me some alternative.

Great show.
Keep at it. Body is resisting
You keep at it and it will start moving again
Don’t change anything
This the real test

I am Asha (Name Changed), a student of 3rd year of B.A. I'm just 20 n I weigh 85 kg which is really immense. Actually I don't know how to work on my weight. In-spite of being 85 kg I don't look like I carry so much weight. My target area is lower back (hips) and thighs. N my stomach region is not out yet I've got tires. Sometimes I'm scared that will I be able to loose weight or not. The problem with me is I'm very lazy, and though I make my mind to do some exercise to burn calories I don't because I find sleeping more pleasing. I don't know how do I keep control on my taste-buds because it pulls me to every aroma of food. It's really depressing because I don't feel confident in going in crowd.

If you could suggest me something I'd be really obliged.

I am sorry there is no magic pill
You will have to either cut the calories or start moving.
Those who are fit work at it.
No such thing as a free lunch or a fit body
So get on with it you have only your weight to lose

Hello Kalli,
My name is Pooja (name changed) and I just started reading your book yesterday. A true inspiration, I must say!! I could completely relate with the mindset that you have portrayed. Your transformation has boosted me up and today itself i started your Cabbage Soup Diet. I had a some questions regarding this diet.
First of all, I am a Pure Veg so what do i substitute on the Day Five and Day Six (which has beef/chicken). And on Day Four, you have talked about banana and milk, isn't banana a no-no in a diet? As it contains high carbs.
Just to mention that I weigh 83 kgs and wanna go down to 60, age 23. My daily routine includes 1 hr of workout (aerobics). This is incase you wish to advise something apart from the Cabbage Soup diet.
I would be awaiting your response as my diet is on!

Dear Pooja (name changed)
Cabbage soup is short term
Great for kickstart but then you need to come on to a stable healthy plan
No sugar and no carbs work for me best.
You can replace beef/chicken with Quinona or tofu
Bets of luck.

Hi ..!
I am a 15 yrs old teenager..I Ws on a diet for 3 months but cudn't loose much of the weight ..can u please suggest some diet to loose abt 7-8 kgs in 2 months? Waiting for ur reply :)

Dear Tanu ( name changed)
You are so young
No diet for u
Get off your bum and get active
Get active thro the day and formal one hour exercise daily.
Cut out all the bad stuff…no junk, no cokes etc, no chips, no butter and no chocolate.
Stick to normal ghar ka khana in controlled quantities you will be fine.

My name is Reena (name changed) i am 35 years old, height 5 feet , weight 75kg and mother of 2 children , daughter 15 years , son 12 years. after reading your book now i want to lose my weight . shall i follow your diet or my own diet , even following my diet i am unable to lose my weight ,my father is worried about my weight . please help me. my two children want me to lose weight. i have under gone with ceseraian operation can i do surya namaskar. i will be in touch with you hoping that you will guide me for losing weight. my diet :
morning : exercise and warm water with lemon and honey
breakfast:what and all i cook in breakfast i eat small amount
at 12:00 coffee or tea with sugar little bit
lunch:1 Roti with vegetables and salad and fruit
evening i don't take anything as i have read your book now i finish my dinner at 6:00
dinner: 1 roti and vegetable and with this diet i drink 3 litres of water the whole day
please advise me wheather i am in a right track or you can change my diet. please read my mail as i need your help very badly .
I want show my husband that i have lost my weight as he always say me that how much you put your affort you won't lose your weight. Thank you.

Dear Reena
Your diet sounds good
Stay off the sugar in the tea an butter on roti.
You have not told me what your dinner is but shd be light.
Don’t starve snack on small of fruit thro the day
You can do surya namskars
I have had 2 C sections

I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Divya (name changed), student at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). I'm 19 years old and yes, overweight.
I'v been dieting my entire life too. But now I've put my foot down. It's now or never.
My weight rules my life. I've always flipped through your book while visiting bookstores and I finally bought it. It added to my list of motivators.
I'm DESPERATE to lose weight. I'm working out and dieting, but since I'm in a hostel, its not a fixed proper diet I can name. I have lost 2kgs in 2 weeks; I'm working hard so I'm scared; wondering if I'm doing something wrong. And I'd like your advice.
I know you'd be really busy, but if you would reply to this, I'd be grateful
I eagerly look forward to a favourable reply from your side.

Dear Divya
2 kgs in two weeks is great going
Keep the pace.
You are young and the weight will come off w exercise as well
So stay active.
And since you are in fashion can u design clothes for normal women pl.

Respected mam
iam a college student . i am over wheight. i am having 65 kg and have height 158cm. please suggest me some tips to lose weight .every one makes fun of me.

Ignore them they are just seeing the outside not the inside
Get active and cut the junk.
Get active thro the day and formal one hour exercise daily.
Cut out all the bad stuff…no junk, no cokes etc, no chips, no butter and no chocolate.
Stick to normal ghar ka khana in controlled quantities you will be fine.

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