'Kalli has demystified the process of living a healthy, fit and fulfilling life. People's lifestyles have changed, dramatically inducing associated health challenges. This book is a candid chronicle of surmounting weightloss challenges, lucidly illustrated through Kalli's own experiments and experiences. Life is indeed about choices and decisions and Kalli gracefully points us to some of the most important ones. This book will inspire anyone who is in the pursuit of change!'
Nita Ambani

'Reading Serial Dieter was like reading my own life story. This is the first diet book that gives tips that may not be approved by dieticians but are real. Tried and tested. It takes one dieter to know another. And she is one helluva dieter. She has done 43 diets, I have done 40, so the coffee hamper for now goes to her.'
Karan Johar

'Weight loss is not just about shedding kilos, it's an emotional journey. Dieticians don't get that, Serial Dieter does.'
Sonakshi Sinha

'My weight has always been a battle. It's something that is very close to my heart. Being thin is about so much more than just your weight. For no matter how thin I get, inside I'll always be a fat girl. Only a fellow dieter can understand that.'
Sonam Kapoor

Love love love- the detailing of the cupcake earring and the mystery surrounding the serial dieter on the cover just leads into the inside pages. I am super engrossed and hooked as the secrets unravel with each chapter. What an honest, fun and real read!
Shruti Kapur, Editor of Platform

If u wish to lose weight n be fit read Confessions of a Serial Dieter. I ve seen Kalli lose 40 kgs. She walks the talk.
Swapan Seth, Author

Lovin the book so far, very refreshing, terrific sense of humor and so close to home to all of us thin or fat! Has a prime place in my clinic reception.. So many wanted to buy it!.. Well done, bravo, congratulations!:)
Amit Srivastav, Dentist

Kalli's book is heart breaking ,funny and clever
Bulbul Sharma, Author and Painter

Book is so beautifully written and it's more a love story than a diet book. It has such funny undertones. Its like I am chatting with my girlfriend.
Sujata Sahni, Director, Packways Ace Relocations

Confessions is unlike normal diet books it is not instructional, its experiential.
Pia Mehra, Restaurateur, Punjabi by Nature

It took me two days to read through Confessions - in bed, on the lazy boy, in the car and even at lunch today. Phone calls bugged me, conversations irritated me - the "aaj kya banega" question was not answered. The book spoke to me , startled me sometimes - told me things which were stuck deep down either as bad memories or as hurtful things I didn't want to remember. . . It also gave me a lot of hope / great direction and sadly in some parts left me with a sense of- been there / done that but unlike you , not succeeded. . . . . The book speaks, its incredibly well written , its not self conscious , its intimate without it being TMI (too much information) because on this subject no information can be TOO much
Mala Sekhri, Publisher, Cosmopolitan

Presenting this book to someone is the nicest way to say I love you, but your are fat!

Thank you for the book as reading the first few pages motivated me to hit the gym after almost 2 months! And your book will reach international shores by tomorrow as sending it to my sis in Singapore who wanted one after she looked at the website..
Rohit Ahluwalia

Your diet book is making me want to eat! Its excellently written. Very well done.
Shalini Malik, Golf Pro

Love the book its funny witty racy. Going back to it. Bye bye!

I did not go out for dinner and had a night in with my new girl friend Confessions of Serial Dieter. Easy, fun and REAL. It's kickass!

Get two copies. Domestic violence in my house over it!

Your book has been incredibly inspirational. God bless!

Harry Porter of weightloss. The way she has lost weight is MAGICAL!

This book is entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!

What a book. Kudos to anyone who says it like it is w/o sugar (free, if I may add) coating it!

You write like a dream! Just picked up your book a few days ago, and today I start my diet! Its the best freaking diet book i've ever read. And who knew you'd be so funny too! Rich. Thin. Funny. Beautiful. Chocolate lover. You really do have it all.
Warmest, Freddy Birdy

First book and a bestseller! Fun to read and packed cover to cover with 'everything you always wanted to know about dieting and didn't know who to ask'. Madam, count me in as your serial admirer for life!
Mohini Bhullar

I am laughing my pants off reading this book… I laughed so loud I woke up my neighbour on the deck chair who was enjoying her afternoon siesta. This book is so crazily funny and yet shows the insane struggle that goes into losing 40 kilos.
Vernaaz Mittal

This is Devaleena ,i'm a counseling psychologist based out of Kolkata ,just finished reading the book that you've written ... must say an amazingly honest narration , i know as i've been through it myself ...very thought provoking .
Devaleena Ghosh

Just wanted to congratulate you on the book launch. A very nice and candid way of portraying an otherwise very boring topic of weight loss !

You used to look like a puri, now u look like kalli!
Devita Saraf, Businesswoman

I wish your book finds many friends, and how brave of you to write it. Congratulations: for your courage, and clarity of intent.
Siddhart Dhanvant Shanghvi, Author

I just wanted to tell u that I devoured your book! :) Seriously as someone who is 9 months pregnant and constantly fighting weight before that also, I found your book to have the only honest writing on weight and food. And your wit of course just adds to it. Fab
Fatima Karan, Anchor

Read you book. It was “unputdownable” , outstanding. It was really refreshing with an excellent conversation style.
Vivek Gaur , Media Professional

Such a wonderful and motivating read!

Congratulations! You've hit the nail on the head. What a fab book. I've been a serial dieter for a few years now and everything you said just resonated so much with me.
Love the writing, love the style and especially love the tips. I'm inspired in this new year to go for it and find a rhythm and lose the weight. Well done!

A wonderful motivation for all us serial dieters... thanks kalli for showing me that there are more like me out there and i have HOPE...

"I have personally noticed the author having gone through such a spectacular change re: weight control, while she still maintaining the highest fitness standards.
The results achieved by her are based on the basic principles that make a lot of sense.
A MUST READ for all the really health conscious folks."
Gurinder Singh Rance

Reading Confessions. Very very nice. Can relate to it so much. Just bought it yday. I think I know abt most of the dieticians mentioned. Ha ha ha!! I know the real names of most of them. She has cute and v appropriate names for them.

Read two-thirds already. V interesting read and made me laugh - one laughs when one reads the truth abt feelings na. Its funny how we fat ppl feel soooo much the same stuff! Others r zapped I have read so much of the book coz I am a very slow reader - I read max 10 pages of a book a day not like u who can finish a book in a day.

Woke up. . . Switched on tv to watch parade. . -Picked up Confessions to finish reading. . Just finished . . So great to start the day laughing. . She's a riot! loved reading it!. . Had to laugh into the razai so wouldn't wake hubby.

What a delightful read! Skipped dinner because wanted 2 finish it...its like a Fattys Thriller-u keep wanting 2 turn 2 d nxt page...! N like Kalli I have been 2 all d places she has- n guffawed at her description of each...! I am quite inspired...

Loving reading your book. I have been a health nut from the beginning, but have a 24 year old who struggled with a weight issue. Now he has lost 25 kgs over past three years and is working on getting buff and loving it :) its fantastic. Amazing how our physical appearances can make us feel like different people. And I love the spirit of that effort. And your in particular has been great. And kudos for sharing the inspiration. Well done. Need you to sign my copy :)
Malini N. Menon

Hey Kalli,Today on my way back to Delhi was roaming around in the book shop in Mumbai airport when I came across your book. Well unable to start my weight loss plan which have been planning since 6 months, thought at least reading about some ...Read more
Girish Surpur
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